Evolution 2.0 Launch

Evolution Network Project (EvoX)
2 min readJul 27, 2022


Hey, sssst, don’t tell anyone, but Evolution 2.0 just launched !

Nothing special just that now we use asynchronous core architecture with features like scalability which is needed these days and we know that users like hybrid blockchain to secure the network even more with PoS so hybrid blockchain (pow/pos) it is then.

Also don’t tell anyone that now every EvoX user can become their OWN bank with just a simple push of a button located in the new EvoX GUI wallet, you should try it out!

Merchants don’t look here, but if do so, you’ll find a privacy coin that can be used with a new feature, auditable wallets, why not?

Wallet address too long? Hmmm, now every EvoX user can register a wallet with an alias to fit his needs.

Oh oh, forgot to say but if you need p2p contracts just to be sure that all goes as planned, take a look at your EvoX GUI wallet.

If you’re as excited as we are about all this new features come over to our website and check out our project.


Thank you all for support all this years!



Evolution Network Project (EvoX)

Evolution is a project that was born from passion and learning, but same time aim to be a secure coin. In privacy we trust. https://evolution-network.org